Ullucus was founded as the mobile game development side of the independent developer Alvion Inc.
Ullucus Heaven is a mobile app (mainly SNS) planning, development, production,
and management company.
We've also expanded our operations to include not only smartphone games
but browser-based flash games, sales promotion, merchandising, and more.
Mobile game development remains the core of our company
and we take pride in our technical know-how.
We aim to foster the next generation of creative talent
as we continue towards our goal of bringing ever-higher quality work
and new possibilities to the entertainment industry.


About Us

  • Company
    Ullucus Heaven Inc.
  • Address
    Esaka-Chou 1-9-10 Alvion Bldg.
    Suita City, Osaka Prefecture 564-0063 JAPAN
  • Established
    January 30th, 2006
  • Capital
    3,000,000 yen
  • Company Overview
    Smartphone app development (client and server side programming), graphic design, anime illustration, manga, etc.
  • CEO
    Fumika Hiraoka


  • 2006
    Ullucus Heaven Inc. established
  • 2007
    Opening of free game site Game Pure
  • 2008
    Official Ullucus Heaven website opened
  • 2010
    Began developing games
  • 2011
    Began distributing social and mobile apps
  • 2014
    Began distributing LINE stamps
  • 2015
    Began distributing apps worldwide