Exercise your brain to the sound of music. An intelligent puzzle game for all.

  • Jet Dunk
    Jet Dunk

    Break blocks and slam dunk! A refreshingly elegant block breaking game.

  • Airship Ace DX
    Airship Ace DX

    Poppin' characters and simple but explosive bomber gameplay!

  • Airship Ace
    Airship Ace

    Drive the enemy horde back with explosive force! A simple but explosive bombing game!

  • In Still of Night
    In Still of Night

    Simple but addictive! A puzzle game for all ages.

  • Water Girl
    Water Girl (Service Ended)

    A unique blend of adventure + shooting with 3D graphics.
    Co-Development:Alvion Inc., Sony Music Entertainment
    ©2015 ALVION Inc. / ©2015 Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

  • Dragon Tactics
    Dragon Tactics

    Expansive story and beautiful graphics… this is THE mobile RPG!
    Platform:GREE ・ mixi ・ Ameba ・ entag!
    ©enish. Inc

  • Moe Jump! Mischa Edition
    Moe Jump! Mischa Edition

    Adorable jump rope action featuring Mischa from Fragment's Note! ©ALVION Inc.

  • Moe Jump! Yukitsuki Edition
    Moe Jump! Yukitsuki Edition

    Adorable jump rope action featuring Yukitsuki from Fragment's Note and a brand new game mode! ©ALVION Inc.

  • Moe Jump!
    Moe Jump!

    Adorable jump rope tap and flick combo action featuring Miu from Fragment's Note! ©ALVION Inc.

  • Sky-High Samurai
    Sky-High Samurai (Service Ended)

    Make the samurai soar in this refreshing, surprising action game!

  • Bouncing Bear
    Bouncing Bear (Service Ended)

    The little polar bears of snow kingdom are practicing their bouncing! Aim to become a grown-up bear by bouncing back to your dad's side! A free, easy to play bouncing action game!

  • Fragment's Note - Memories
    Fragment's Note - Memories

    An art and databook for the visual novel Fragment's Note. A compilation of art from the original Fragment's Note, including concept art, production sketches, and more! Includes a BGM listening mode, mini-episode, and more available only in this app! ©ALVION Inc.

  • Fragment's Note - After Stories
    Fragment's Note - After Stories

    The fourth installment in the Fragment's Note series. An original slice-of-life visual novel that continues the stories of the three heroines after the events of the original Fragment's Note. ©ALVION Inc.

  • Fragment's Note 2: Yukitsuki
    Fragment's Note 2: Yukitsuki

    The third installment in the Fragment's Note series. A slice-of-life visual novel and spin-off of Fragment's Note 2: Shizuku that presents an alternate series of events with a new heroine. ©ALVION Inc.

  • Fragment's Note 2: Shizuku
    Fragment's Note 2: Shizuku

    The second installment in the Fragment's Note series. An original slice-of-life visual novel with a protagonist who was orphaned by an airplane accident and his adopted sister. ©ALVION Inc.

  • Nyawatobi!
    Nyawatobi! (Service Ended)

    A cat and jump-rope action game! Aim for the top by tapping and swiping! Everyone let's Nyawatobi!
    ©2012 Kanematsu Granks,corp.

  • Fragment's Note
    Fragment's Note

    A slice-of-life visual novel. A young girl with the same last name as the protagonist goes back in time in order to help the protagonist find happiness. ©ALVION Inc.

  • Guardian Popon
    Guardian Popon (Service Ended)

    Marine soldiers have invaded your new home!! In order to protect your new carrot-house, throw shoes, chairs, trees, TVs, etc. to drive out the invaders.

  • MALICIOUS another story ―Dare ga Tame no Uta―
    MALICIOUS another story ―Dare ga Tame no Uta― (Service Ended)

    The MALICIOUS e-book for the iPod Touch has finally arrived! A story told from a different perspective than the main game. Includes extras such as illustrations, soundtrack, etc.

  • Other Titles (Distribution Ended)
    Deco Shake
    Yubi Inu
    Himitsu no LAND