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Feature Phone
  • SF Otogi Taisen Momotaro Senki 2 - Yamato kara no SOS!-
    SF Otogi Taisen Momotaro Senki 2 - Yamato kara no SOS!-

    The long-awaited sequel to Momotarou Senki.
    Join new companions and experience the rebirth of Warumonoid!

    Platform:OpenDoor Inc. (RPG Daishuugou)

  • SF Otogi Taisen - Momotaro Senki
    SF Otogi Taisen - Momotaro Senki

    Defeat the evil threat of Warumonoid! A compilation of tactical RPG themes, loaded with console game elements! A Japanese-style tactical RPG that matches a classic story with sci-fi elements.

    Platform:OpenDoor Inc. (RPG Daishuugou)

  • Ikutama 2
    Ikutama 2

    Sequel to the pure J-RPG Ikutama with improved graphics. A game loaded with Japanese elements!

    Platform:OpenDoor Inc. (RPG Daishuugou)

  • Oracle Stone
    Oracle Stone

    Ullucus Heaven's first ever tactical RPG. A classic tactical RPG system with a dream-like fantasy world. A dramatic tactical RPG!

    Platform:OpenDoor Inc. (RPG Daishuugou)

  • Other Titles (Distribution Ended)
    Ikinari! Mahou Gakuen
    Sora Iku